How to post a video course on


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These rules are mandatory and those who do not follow them will receive a suspension at the first violation and if it is repeated you will receive a full ban on the

Sites supported on this forum:

  • - upload video course
  • - upload extra files from the video course, like pdf, img, docs, zip, etc
  • - short url service

How to post a video course on

  1. upload all the video course on rovideo
  2. upload extra files on - only if it exists
  3. open a topic on in the most appropriate category
  4. the title must be the original but without a source like udemy
  5. post the full description on the source site
  6. post all the links to the video courses you uploaded to rovideo
  7. all the link must pe post like this:
  1. post all links to extra files if they exist
  2. when you upload on rovideo I recommend choosing a unique keyword per lesson or course so that it can be easily found and accessed.
See an example video course post here:
English - Ultimate Photoshop Training: From Beginner to Pro